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Highly talented and globally mobile, Australia’s global alumni are current and future leaders, influencers and change-agents in their country, for the Indo-Pacific region and for the world. They are involved in some of the most pressing global issues including climate change, conservation, cyber-security, world food shortages, bridging the gender gap, and alleviating poverty. Individually and collectively, they are helping to positively steer and shape the world around us.

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Maria paves the way as a female leader of conservation law in Fiji

Maria was raised in her home country of Fiji with her eight siblings experiencing the highs and lows of what her country had to offer, not realising that later on it would be the inspiration for her professional pathway as an adult. Maria is a legal officer for the International Union of Conservation and Nature and has been for the past eight years, and an industry she has worked in for the past 17 years.