Manisha is Empowering Sustainable Agricultural Development in Nepal

Manisha Burlakoti is a passionate agriculturalist deeply committed to fostering sustainable and inclusive development in Nepal. Her passion for agriculture was ignited by an upbringing in rural Nepal, and she has spent over four years working in the development sector empowering farmers. However, Manisha wanted to further enhance her expertise and contribute even more to agricultural development through education.

Encouraged by senior Australia Awards Alumni, Manisha applied for a Master of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne. 

“I remember the day I received an Australia Awards scholarship; I still feel overwhelmed and emotional… as this was my dream.”

Travelling to Australia was her first time visiting another country and the mandatory pre-departure briefing helped prepare her mentally for this new chapter.

Living in Melbourne during Covid-19 was a painful experience but Manisha made the most of it and created unforgettable memories. Everything was beautiful being in Australia, new friends from multiple countries and many opportunities to learn and share stories whilst building a robust professional network.

Finding Melbourne so diverse and multicultural, Manisha enjoyed the excellent public transport, rich coffee culture, music, art, beautiful buildings, and libraries. There is always something to appreciate!

Manisha summarises her Australia Awards experience in two words; enriching and life-changing. “It was enriching as this was an opportunity to gain a world-class education. It was life-changing as this experience expand my horizon and open my eyes to another life and culture.”

 Manisha has returned to Nepal and working with an international government organisation as a project program coordinator to improve the access of digital technology to farmers.

Manisha strives to make a difference by creating Nepal’s sustainable and inclusive agriculture system. “I want to work with farmers, policymakers and local government to improve agricultural systems.”

Australia Awards doesn’t just provide education from a world-class university; it expands leadership skills and confidence and builds connections worldwide. The learning also happens beyond the classroom! Manisha is still in regular touch with her networks, primarily through social media and Australia Awards Alumni events.